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Packaged HVAC Units & Service in Birmingham, AL

Standard air conditioning systems, and a few heating systems use a split configuration. That is, one part of the system is installed inside the home and one part is installed outside. This is all well and good for most people, but it’s not the ideal solution for the needs of others. If, for whatever reason, a split system won’t work for you, consider installing a packaged HVAC unit. Western Sales & Services, Inc. installs, repairs, maintains, and replaces packaged HVAC units throughout Birmingham, AL. Call today to schedule an appointment with one of our HVAC technicians. We’ll make sure that all of your packaged HVAC needs are met.


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Packaged vs Split Units

The reason that climate control systems, especially air conditioners, use two different units is because they are designed to exchange heat between the home and the outside environment. An air conditioner absorbs heat from inside the home and releases it outside, for example. The problem with split units is that they take up an awful lot of space. A lot of people have the space to accommodate this, so it’s not a big deal. For certain home sizes and configurations, however, this just isn’t practical. In situations like these, a packaged HVAC unit is ideal.

Packaged HVAC units house both halves of a split system inside a single casing. The unit is installed outside of the home, with a bit of external ductwork connecting it to the ducts inside. In each half of the packaged unit, there’s a coil that contains refrigerant. One coil is paired with an air handler that circulates air throughout the home. When in cooling mode, one coil absorbs heat from the air in the ducts and the other one vents it out into the surrounding air. When in heating mode, the opposite occurs. Packaged HVAC units are heat pumps, and so are able to offer both heating and cooling modes.

How Packaged Units Can Help You

Aside from the obvious space–saving benefits, packaged units save you even more space by being able to both heat and cool a home. With a packaged HVAC unit installed in your home, you don’t have to worry about the massive amount of space taken up by using one or two split systems. This also saves quite a bit of money that would otherwise have to be spent on a separate system.

Call Us for Packaged HVAC Unit Installation Services

Installing a packaged HVAC unit is a bit different than installing another climate control system, mainly because most homes are not already equipped to handle this kind of system. You already should trust a professional to handle your climate control system installation, but especially when there’s going to be some construction work involved.

Just like any other system, packaged HVAC systems require professional maintenance and repairs every now and again. You should schedule preventive maintenance at least twice a year for your packaged HVAC system. This will make sure that your HVAC technician can find and fix issues before they become too problematic. If you do happen to notice a problem, be sure to call for repairs as soon as possible.


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