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Dual Fuel Systems & Service in Birmingham, AL

Heat pumps are well-known for their ability to offer both heating and cooling functions. Many homeowners install them for exactly that reason. However, there are some caveats to their abilities. The majority of heat pumps are air-source, which means that they use the air outside to siphon thermal energy for the home. As the temperature of the air outside drops, less thermal energy is available for the system to use. This causes the efficiency of the heat pump to drop. Fortunately, there is a solution. Western Sales & Services, Inc. offers a full range of dual fuel services throughout Birmingham, AL. Call today to schedule an appointment with one of our experts.


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How Dual Fuel Systems Work

A dual fuel system is a combination heating system. Basically, it’s a heat pump and gas furnace combined. Most of the time, the heat pump side of the system operates to warm and cool the home as needed. When the temperature outside drops very low, too low for the heat pump to operate effectively, the furnace portion of the system activates to keep the home warm. This allows the home to have the most efficient heating solution available to it at all times, depending on the weather outside.

The Benefits of Installing Dual Fuel Systems in Your Home

Aside from their versatility, most people install heat pumps because they are very energy efficient. A heat pump doesn’t have to burn fuel to generate heat, which automatically makes it more energy efficient than a furnace. That benefit doesn’t mean much if the heat pump loses a lot of its efficiency as soon as the temperature drops below a certain point, though.

That is why dual fuel systems are such a good solution. The gas furnace portion of the system is still less efficient than the heat pump portion, but because they alternate operations so that the most efficient one is always on, the system balances out as a whole. If you’re having trouble getting a heat pump system to work for your home, but still want to save money on heating, a dual fuel system might be the perfect solution for you.

Let Us Handle Your Dual Fuel Repair & Maintenance Needs

Installing a dual fuel system is something that should only ever be left to professionals. Well, to be honest, you should always leave installation of any climate control system to professionals. This is especially true with dual fuel systems, though, because they are likely going to require both gas line work and a bit of construction work. You should only permit a qualified professional to work with the gas supply in your home. Western Sales & Services, Inc. can handle all of your dual fuel needs in Birmingham, AL.

If you want to keep your dual fuel system in good shape, you should schedule professional maintenance for it at least twice a year. Normally, a climate control system would only need maintenance once a year, but since heat pumps are used year–round they require a bit more care. You should also call for repairs as soon as you notice a problem with the system.


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