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Heating Installation and Replacement in Birmingham, AL

Heating systems often take a back seat to air conditioning systems in terms of priority around here. That being said, you still don’t want to go through a winter season without a reliable heating system. Before winter rolls around again, you should make sure that you have a heating system you can count on installed in your home. You should find a contractor you can trust to make sure that you get the heating system to fit your needs.

Western Sales & Services, Inc. offers a full range of heating installation and replacement services throughout Birmingham, AL. If you need a heating system installed or replaced, we can take care of it for you. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our expert technicians.


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When to Call for Professional Heating Installation or Replacement Services

Of course, you’ll want a new efficient furnace or heat pump if you’re moving into a new home. Obviously, you’re going to want to have the perfect heating system to serve your home for the next decade or so. We can make sure that your home heating installation goes smoothly and safely.

The other, and more common, time when heating installation is necessary is replacing an old system. All systems wear down and fail eventually. Sooner or later, you’re going to need to replace your current heating system with a new one. There are a handful of signs that serve as warnings that you need heater replacement services, including:

  • Very Frequent Repairs: All heating systems need repairs every once in a while. Parts wear out and break, accidents happen, etc. etc. However, if you need to repair your heating system multiple times a year, it could be a sign that it’s getting close to the end of its life. You should have a professional examine the heater to make sure it doesn’t need replacement.
  • Old Age: The average lifespan for a heating system is between 10–15 years. You can squeeze a few more years out of your system than that under ideal circumstances, especially if you’re willing to spend the money and time to ensure that it stays operational. If you’re concerned about cost–effective heating, though, you should almost always replace your heating system once it gets older than 15 years. The amount of money spent on repairing and maintaining such an old system is almost never worth it.

Trust Us with All Your Heater Installation and Replacement Needs

No one should be without a way to keep their home warm and comfortable during the winter. Proper heating installation and replacement services form a key part of making sure that your home is prepared for the cold months. That’s why Western Sales & Services, Inc. provides a full range of heating installation and replacement services throughout Birmingham, AL. Whether you need a brand–new heating system installed, or just need an old one replaced with a modern system, we are here to help you. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our expert heating technicians. We’ll make sure your heating needs are taken care of. 


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