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Radiant Heating Systems & Service in Birmingham, AL

When you think of a heating system, you probably think about a forced-air system like a furnace. That’s not surprising, considering those are the most common type of heating system in the country. However, they are not the only kind of heating system available on the market. In fact, you can heat your home remarkably well without using any kind of air circulation at all, provided you use the right system.

Western Sales & Services, Inc. installs and services a wide range of radiant heating systems throughout Birmingham, AL and the surrounding areas. If you need a radiant heating system installed, repaired, maintained, or replaced, we can help you out. Call today to schedule an appointment with one of our experts.


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How Radiant Heating Works

There are two distinct types of radiant heating: electric and hydronic. Hydronic radiant heating is a boiler system that heats the home by running hot water through it. A network of small pipes is installed in the subfloor of each room in the home, with the whole thing connecting to a boiler unit somewhere in the home. The boiler heats water, and pumps it through the pipes during operation. As the water flows through the pipes, the heat from it radiates through them and out into the room. An electric radiant heating system operates much the same way, but instead of a boiler and water pipes it uses a type of generator and heating coils.

The Advantages of Installing Radiant Heating in Your Home

There are a myriad of different advantages to radiant heating. For one thing, radiant systems are quite a bit more energy efficient than forced–air systems. Air is actually a poor thermal medium; it takes longer to heat up and cools off quite quickly. Transmitting heat directly through solid objects causes the room benefiting from radiant heating to warm up faster and cool off more slowly. This means that it takes less effort to heat the home with a radiant heating system.

Radiant heating also heats the home a lot more evenly than forced–air systems. When warm air is pumped into a room, it will immediately rise to the top and sink as it cools. This causes uncomfortable hot and cold spots throughout the house. Radiant heating keeps all of the heat near the floor of the room, warming it more evenly and benefitting the occupants more than forced air would.

Why You Need Professional Radiant Heating Maintenance Services

Most homes are not already outfitted for radiant heating systems, which means it’s going to be more of an upfront investment to install one. You will make up for it in lower heating bills, but you should make sure that you hire the best professional you can find to handle your installation. Western Sales & Services, Inc. offers a full range of professional radiant heating services throughout Birmingham, AL.

Like all climate control systems, radiant heating systems require professional maintenance and repair services. Make sure that you schedule maintenance for your system at least once a year. This will allow your technician to catch any problems with the system early, and could save you thousands of dollars in repair costs. If a problem does happen to occur between maintenance appointments, you should call for repairs as soon as possible. Quick repairs limit the damage to your system.


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Please pass along to Jay that my father-in-law (a man who built his own house and who is very hard to please) says Jay is excellent.

Regina, Birmingham

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Please pass along to Jay that my father-in-law (a man who built his own house and who is very hard to please) says Jay is excellent.

- Regina, Birmingham

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