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Air Purifiers and Filtration Systems in Birmingham, AL

You’re constantly inhaling millions of microscopic airborne contaminants in your home. The average home contains many of these contaminants, from dust, to pollen, dander, viruses, bacteria, and mold spores. Prolonged exposure to these kinds of contaminants can cause a wide range of health problems, from allergy attacks, to the flu, to asthma. If you want to be as healthy and comfortable as you can, it’s a good idea to make sure that there are as few of these contaminants present in your air as possible. Western Sales & Services, Inc. offers a full range of different air purifier and air filtration systems throughout Birmingham, AL.


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Types of Air Filtration & Purification Systems Available

There is a huge number of different air purifier and air filtration systems available on the market today—far too many to cover them all here. However, we can tell you about a few of the more popular varieties, including:

  • Air Filters: An air filtration system is just a fiber mesh stretched across a frame and installed in the ductwork of a home. As air flows through the filter, any contaminants it carries will become trapped in the mesh. Then, the filter just needs to be cleaned out every few months in order to get rid of the contaminants completely.
  • Ionization Purifiers: An ionization purifier releases a cloud of ions into the air around it during operation. These ions bind to the contaminants in the air around them, causing them to get heavier and heavier until they fall out of the air. The contaminants collect on metal plates in the purifier, which can be removed and cleaned.
  • UV Air Purifier: A UV air purifier doesn’t physically remove any contaminants from your air supply. Instead, it gives off a high level of ultraviolet radiation. Viruses, bacteria, mold spores, and many other infectious organisms cannot withstand exposure to high levels of ultraviolet light. In cases like these, the saying "sunlight is the best disinfectant" is somewhat true. When these contaminants come into contact with the light from the purifier, they are either sterilized or killed outright. This prevents them from infecting you.

Why You Need Professional Air Purifier and Filter Installation

Air purifier and filtration systems may seem smaller or less complicated than larger systems like climate control. However, that doesn’t mean that installing one is a do–it–yourself project. Oftentimes, installing one of these systems properly requires access to a specific part of your home’s ducts, so that the system can treat all air being circulated throughout the home. Many of these systems also require access to the home’s power grid, and electrical work can be quite dangerous without professional training. This is why you should trust Western Sales & Services, Inc. to handle all of your air purifier and filtration system installations for you.

These systems do not develop problems as often as climate control systems, but they do still need the occasional professional maintenance. It is especially important that you have your system cleaned, if it’s something like an air filter or ionization purifier. We offer comprehensive repair and maintenance services for air purifiers and filters. Call us today for an appointment.


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Please pass along to Jay that my father-in-law (a man who built his own house and who is very hard to please) says Jay is excellent.

Regina, Birmingham

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Please pass along to Jay that my father-in-law (a man who built his own house and who is very hard to please) says Jay is excellent.

- Regina, Birmingham

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